I feel bad for you that the manga now is bad to you now. :( but I'm curious to know what was the "thing" in the manga that did it?

Well…where to start….Naruto’s character for one is the most annoying thing…it’s almost selfish…Kishi wrote in all these diverse and interesting characters…only to be pushed aside and neglected…I never liked the ‘ninja-jesus’ thing…in fact it has for me…destroyed the manga…

maybe its how old i am as well…but this recent chapter….was pretty offending as well….ye forgiving is a key theme in the story….but it to be rounded up that poorly…..

Never expect too much from the writer…that’s all i can say…

I’m never excited for chapters now…

and i haven’t read or watched series in months….and therefore fanart i do is practically nothing….

I am just dissapointed with this story….considering I was a big fan of it…i feel betrayed and taken the piss of….and now what’s expected of me is only the fanart…and i can honestly say….i know i’m aware of the reputation as an artist in the fandom…but there won’t be any Naruto fanart from me for a long time….

Honestly i've always loved your wolves and other original works more than naruto related though i am narutofan myself. Just keep doing your thing <3

I thank you for the message….I just am finding it really difficult…

It’s a curse….i’m just tired of it.

People keep asking me where my ‘Naruto-works’ are.

It’s getting increasingly more annoying to explain that it’s becoming even more difficult to draw inspiration from something that I just can’t enjoy any more…..

I am so sorry to burst the bubble, but Naruto has turned into something resembling shit for me…..I can’t get myself to draw the characters with the same love I had for the last few years….

I’ve been slowly transitioning to other stuff for a while now…and doing my own stuff…I just can’t bring myself to draw things that I feel utterly disappointed at, or lost interest in. There is better material out there…

and i’m pretty sure i’ve drawn enough Naruto fanart in the last 4 years, to satisfy. 

So i’ve pretty much had enough…

burn me, hate me, unfollow me whatever…..I’m just putting this to rest. Because I fed up of the expectations people seem to have of me in the fandom…and only associate me with that….It’s a curse….


I just don’t want everything…especially original work… i draw to be then….somehow linked back to something that it has no association with…because it fucking isn’t unless I SAY SO

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didn&#8217;t know where i was going with this&#8230;it just kinda happened

didn&#8217;t know where i was going with this&#8230;it just kinda happened

didn&#8217;t know where i was going with this&#8230;it just kinda happened

didn’t know where i was going with this…it just kinda happened

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What do you think about Obito's character? I'm curious...

i didn’t have much problem with obito’s character….but it’s kishi’s writing….so my expectation were never high…because i’ve seen better examples…..

What do you think about the new naruto chapter? (Sorry for my bad english ;$)

thought I would take a look seeing as everyone was moaning about it….

that quote pretty much confirmed my suspicions…

man this manga has turned to shit.



Met Gala ClassyBatch (*u*) ::such dapper„ much swagger::

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kurama-of-konoha replied to your post: It’s that time again! RANDOM QUESTION …

Wolfs or tigers?


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May I ask where you live? though if your non comfortable, just ignore this. I ams just wondering

I live in Yorkshire, that’s the most your going to get ;P

What's your cat's name? How long have you had him/her?

well i currently have three darlings 

Biba (grew up with her….about 17 years)

Pipa (she is 2 years old…and a little grumpy shit)

Inky/biscuit/Kitten ??(we have not been able to establish a proper name for her…but she’s Pipa kitten and she’s been with us for about a year now)

Why are you so adorable? :|

god it’s so hard trying to answer this with out sounding vain….all i can say is i don’t know….people say i have this ‘charm’….

maybe it’s just my mad-eccentricities and ranty moments…who knows? but you.

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Is your second toe bigger than your big toe?

*actually had to check before answering this* 

no it is smaller than my big toe… 

Did you upload those? and yeah, I’m surprised you haven’t done Legolas

they are somewhere in my blog archives…..ye i feel ashamed 

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